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About Us

Fine Art meets Fashion Design


JL3D is a unique women's' footwear brand that brings the fusion of the finest traditional craftsmanship methods in shoe-making and the fine art of designing such intricate and ornate heels and wedges using 3D Printing technology.

ABOUT THE FOUNDER JAIRAJ LALL  -  For those of you that don’t know me very well, I was born with a condition called Moebius Syndrome.  This affected my facial muscles, legs and feet amongst other things. The doctors told my parents/family that the chances of me walking and talking were very slim. But I proved them wrong time and time again going from strength to strength in every aspect of life. I have been through primary school, high school, college and have gained a Fine Art degree from Leeds Arts University and now I am setting up my own footwear brand! It’s been a long and tough journey to get to this point but it just shows my sheer determination and passion for what I do. 

I have been interviewed by both the BBC and ITV Yorkshire about my story and the launch of the brand.